Musicianship resources

There are useful Kodaly references available here:

Recommended Suzuki Reading:

Nurtured by Love - Shinichi Suzuki
Ability Development from Age Zero - Shinichi Suzuki
Teaching from the Balance Point - Ed Kreitman
Helping Parents Practice - Edmund Sprunger
To Learn With Love - William Starr
The Suzuki Violinist - William Starr
Winning Ways, Strategies for Suzuki Parents
All these books are available from the BSI music shop (Tel. 0207 471 6780)

Other interesting books:

The Talent Code - Daniel Coyle
Bounce - Matthew Syed
Mindset - Carol C. Dweck (Ballantine)
Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell (Penguin)
Emotional Intelligence (Why it can matter more than IQ) - Daniel Goleman (Bloomsbury)


Suzukichat is an energetic internet community who currently have over 500 members made up of teachers, parents and students, in all parts of the world and all instruments. They would certainly welcome a few more from the UK. There are active discussions on many topics and you can also post your own advice or ask questions of other Suzuki families or teachers.
There is no charge to use the service, but you need to register with Yahoo Groups and Suzukichat. To register, go to 


The ABRSM website has some excellent resources for families. Click here to access the App Centre, downloads include a free 'Speedshifter' which allows you to slow down/speed up your Suzuki CD without affecting the pitch!

Articles and YouTube clips:

Article on - First Evidence That Musical Training Affects Brain Development In Young Children

The Allegro Group from Ed Kreitman’s Suzuki school (WSSTE, Chicago, USA). These children are 12-16 years old, approx. Book 5